This RIZE Eating Control Solution is hereinafter referred to as “Solution”.

Misuse of the Solution can range from something as simple as biting your tongue to something as traumatic as causing injury to yourself and others, including damage to property.

The Solution is to be applied using one test method only. The application method is to apply one roll of the roller-ball to the top surface of the tongue, and only in the middle of the tongue. Once you have tested our product and feel confident with any reaction that you may experience, you may apply liberally on the top surface of the tongue, and only in the middle of the tongue.

Once applied, you have three options of ingestion; 1) swallow the liquid, 2) spit the liquid out, or 3) spit the liquid out and rinse your mouth out with water. All three options cause a temporary numbing of your tastebuds in the middle of your tongue, so that temporarily food does not taste good, or does not taste as good. Only option 1 provides the benefits of appetite suppression.

Your reaction to the test application and ingestion is dependent on your own personal sensitivity and personal sense of taste. If you’ve temporarily burnt your tongue by sipping hot coffee or hot chocolate, this is the numbing affect that we expect you will feel, but without the associated pain. If you’ve tasted unsweetened lemon juice or unsweetened grapefruit juice, we expect you will experience a similar reaction, except that this will be a strong peppermint flavor rather than a strong citrus flavor.

If you have a medical condition in which any of the reactions described above or any reactions similar to those described above would cause a knee-jerk reaction or a shock to your system, which in turn may cause or is likely to cause a catastrophic event (i.e. cardiac arrest, seizure, uncontrolled coughing, respiratory emergency, migraine headache, or any other harmful event), this product should not be purchased or used. As a condition of this purchase and regardless of whether you have any current medical conditions, you agree that you have consulted with your medical provider prior to purchasing the Solution.

The Solution is to be applied as a test and multiple tests under one setting only. The setting is for you to be in a fixed seated position at ground level without distraction and without impairment. Fixed position does not include sitting as a passenger in a parked car or bus, sitting in a car as the driver of the car, or sitting on a ferris wheel whether moving or not. Without distraction means that your attention is limited to the one and only task of concentrating on the application and concentrating on your reaction to the application from beginning to end. Without distraction means that you are not operating machinery, using power tools, texting, talking on the phone, watching TV, etc. Without impairment means that you do not have trembling or tremors due to a medical condition, disease or due to detoxification. Without impairment also means that you are not under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or certain prescription medications.

Under product testing, the Solution liquid did not leak out into the cap or leak outside the cap. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the Solution be stored and carried in an upright position, to prevent the possibility of leakage and any resulting damage to clothing, fabrics, or any other material which may occur.

Purchase and use of the Solution is limited to persons who are deemed to be competent under the law. Once possession is taken, you are solely responsible for the use, disposal, and for the proper handling and safe guarding of the Solution and its glass container. You are also solely responsible for any harm both may cause to yourself and to all other persons (i.e. especially children; persons with down syndrome or mental retardation, persons showing alzheimer’s symptoms, etc.) including damage to property (i.e. real property, personal property, pets, etc.).
The Solution shall be disposed of in a manner similar to any food grade liquid by pouring it down a sink or flushing it down a toilet and rinsing the bottle.

Be watchful when taking peppermint oil along with antacids or medications that decrease stomach acid (i.e. H2-Blockers or Proton pump inhibitors), because these medications interact with peppermint. Refer to tabs under “PEPPERMINT OVERVIEW INFORMATION” at WebMD.com.

Be cautious when taking peppermint oil along with medications which are broken down by the body or changed by the liver. Before taking peppermint oil, talk to your healthcare provider if you are taking any medications that are broken down by the body or changed by the liver. Refer to tabs under “PEPPERMINT OVERVIEW INFORMATION” at WebMD.com.


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